Horror Music Video of the Week: Hexis - 'Tenebris'

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Horror Music Video of the Week: Hexis - 'Tenebris'
If imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery, than The Exorcist has just been given one hell of a 40th birthday gift, courtesy of hardcore/black metal band Hexis.  Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the band was formed in 2010 and is getting ready to release their latest album Abalam, which features a single called 'Tenebris.'  In order to create fitting visuals to go along with the violent sounds, the band hired experimental London-based filmmaker Craig Murray to direct the video, who channeled his inner William Friedkin and turned the video into his very own remake of The Exorcist.

You can watch Murray's video for 'Tenebris' below, which recreates the most iconic moments from the film - yes, even that moment where Regan stuck a you-know-what in her you-know-where.  Shot in one day, Murray brought his vision to life using only practical effects, and I think you'll dig the results of his handiwork!
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