Three Aussie titles among most pirated indie films

The Sapphires, Absolute Deception and 100 Bloody Acres are among the 100 most pirated independent films, according to a new study.

Ceg Tek International tracked BitTorrent peer-to- peer file sharing networks that are trafficking in films produced or represented by members of the American Film Market.

The report found the average daily P2P download demand by BitTorrent users of the 100 most pirated movies was nearly 1 million globally.

The Beverly Hills-based firm used proprietary detection software which enabled it to track activity without participating in peer-to-peer networks.

The most popular title was Elysium with an average monthly demand of 4.8 million globally and 487,800 in the Us, followed by Side Effects (1.4 million, 105,720), 2 Guns, The World.s End, Red 2, Safe Haven, Empire State, 21 and Over, Escape Plan and Blood Of Redemption.

Wayne Blair's The Sapphires ranked at No. 46 with 123,000 globally and 18,720 in the Us. Absolute Deception, an action thriller directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith,
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