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Re-Making the Band: Lovemaking and Recording Sessions with a Killer Fanboy

It may come with the advert of “From the director of Twilight…”, but Catherine Hardwicke’s disheveled, B-movie career-low Plush with its accompanying Lolita-inspired cover art offers a hackneyed story of a rock star looking for inspiration in the arms of an androgynous man after the death of her beloved brother/musical soul mate is off-putting at every juncture.

Hayley (Emily Browning) is the direct-to-video version of Hayley Williams singer the popular rock band Paramore, in fact one could even dare to say that the writer unashamedly, name included, based the character on her, but with a taste for an affair with the standard-cookie-cutter-seductive psychopath.

Once a successful band, Plush takes a step back after Hayley’s brother Jack (Thomas Dekker) dies of an overdose, leaving her hopeless and writing songs for him. Unexplainably, a guy named
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