Top 10 Horror Movie Villains of All Time

October is one of my favorite months and that’s partly due to Halloween and the increased interest in the horror genre. From books to movies to everything in between, in October I’m ready for a good scare. Since folks are typically more acceptable of things that go bump in the night around Halloween, I wanted to offer up my Top 10 Horror Movie Villains of All Time. Some are iconic, and some not as much. The only thing that matters is that when I think horror, these ten baddies jump right to the front of the line for me. You may disagree with some choices, or even notice some that I missed. Feel free to let me know.

10. Jigsaw

While I admittedly only like the first Saw movie, the initial idea behind the character of Jigsaw is ingenious. Not only did Saw usher in a new era of torture
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