Behind The Cape - The Punisher (1989) and Steel (1997)

Sam Thorne delves into the history of the superhero movie genre; next up is 1989's The Punisher and 1997's Steel....

A bit of a delay since the last instalment, it's been a hectic few days, but here we are. We started last time by talking about a vastly underrated superhero film, The Punisher (2004). Funnily enough, Marvel's gone to the bank on that intellectual property three times in hopes of a successful and popular adaptation, with it failing financially on every count. So it only seems suiting we follow that trend with a look at another adaptation of the skull-wearing vigilante with a glance at The Punisher (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables, Rocky IV)

The Punisher (1989)

There's a certain irony in looking at the cinematic landscape of the 70's-80's compared to now, in regards to DC's and Marvel's battle for supremacy over the cinematic market. The Superman films were highly acclaimed,
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