On The 'Parenthood' Set with Lauren & Mae

On The 'Parenthood' Set with Lauren & Mae
Because Parenthood is unlike anything else on television, the effect it has on viewers is equally unusual. While the goal of every show is to engender audience affection, NBC's family drama has developed a rapport with its fans that goes beyond devotion or obsession; it offers the rare gift of inclusion. That's why you are likely to hear Parenthood devotees talking about the show in teary terms.

The authentic performances perfectly pair with the unguarded words crafted by Jason Katims and his team to create a wholly immersive viewing experience. So we not only cry with Amber and Sarah and Kristina because Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham and Monica Potter are amazing actors (Potter's Emmy snub will forever be one of The Academy's most egregious errors) and we've come to care for the entire Braverman family, but because there is an Amber and a Sarah and a Kristina in each of our lives.

The show's
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