'Survivor' Brad: I'm Not Misogynistic or Racist

'Survivor' Brad: I'm Not Misogynistic or Racist
On Wednesday night's Survivor: Blood vs. Water, this season's most controversial player, retired football player and current lawyer Brad Culpepper went home after losing a Redemption Island duel. ETonline catches up with the 44-year-old from Tampa, Fl, to find out what he has to say about the attacks made on his character, as well as how he attempted to help his wife Monica go further in the game.

ETonline: You had experienced Survivor through your wife's eyes, but what surprised you the most when you played the game yourself?

Brad: I don't think much could prepare me for the 'Blood vs. Water' theme. It was much different than when Monica played, or I think the 26 prior [seasons of] Survivor. Normally when you play Survivor, you're only worried about your own tribe and your own self, you could care less about basically anybody on the other tribe. … [From the day] they split us up, it was totally different than anything I expected
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