Cars 3? There's just no vroom

Ben Child: Pixar's rumoured to be developing Cars 3. It's time they put this franchise on the scrapheap

Cars 2 - review

Tom Lamont on The Great Big Pixar Conspiracy

Pixar may have changed the face of film-making in the 1990s and ushered in a brave new world of CGI animation, but it could do with a top-up of critical goodwill. The rumours that Cars 3 might be entering production soon are more likely to have fans – or at least anyone over the age of nine – spluttering in dismay.

Michael Wallis, an expert on America's iconic Route 66 and the voice of Sheriff in the previous two Cars movies, told Wgbz radio in Illinois that the next film in the series will return to Lightning McQueen's adopted hometown of Radiator Springs. That means a return to Route 66, which runs through the small isolated town, and a visit to another famous real-life road,
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