Fright Night 2 (2013) Review

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Reviewed by Kevin Scott,

The direct to video market and the recent remake boom together have created a curious anomaly that hasn’t yet received a label that really fits it. Case in point, I’m not sure really what do call this latest incarnation in the “Fright Night” series. Is it a sequel to a remake or is it a remake of a sequel? It’s supposed to be perceived by the general horror watching public, as a sequel to the Colin FarrellFright Night” remake, but anyone who is familiar with the first two films could compare it to the 1988 sequel to the original. Both have lead lady vampires after a lead male vampire in the first films. See how confusing it can get.

If continuity is major sticking point for you as a movie watcher, these latest two films can be safely classified as related in name only,
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