10 Goriest Films Of All Time

Gore is a very versatile thing in the film world. It can add a degree of realism to a film, it can add horror to a film, it can max out the gross factor of a film, and finally, it can be so darn Ott and ridiculous, it can add humour to a film.

Most horror film fans like a taste of good strong gore with their movies. It is not necessary to have it in a horror film, but it can make a movie enjoyable if it is well played by the director. For example, I love the Final Destination series for its gory inventive death scenes. That is why I watch the franchise. But there are much more gory things out there than Final Destination.

I have wracked my brains to give you ten of the goriest films ever made. There are definitely more gory films out there (Japanese horror films,
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