Go Inside Revolution With Episode 2 Featurette, Episode 3 TV Spot Preview

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What in the techless world is going on behind the red door on Revolution? And how long will it take before we know? Revolution has been doing a good job of raising questions and answering them – well, at least partially – fairly quickly. We’ll see if that continues. I certainly don’t expect to find out very soon just exactly what’s going on with the resurrected Aaron and his visions. But maybe…

Tonight’s new episode, part of a packed Wednesday night of viewing, looks to be continuing the good work of intrigue, extreme violence, mystery, and , with any luck at all, at least a dash of something “unexplainable”. Check out the TV spot below, after the Inside the Episode featurette about last week’s goings-on:

Featurette: Revolution – Season 2: Revolution Revealed Episode 2

TV Spot: Revolution – Season 2 Coming Up on Episode 3

Oh No Juliet, Not Again! Sorry non-Losties, I mean Oh No Rachel!
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