Michael Giacchino Scoring Brad Bird's Tomorrowland

.@ConorMeechan1: @BradBirdA113 @DamonLindelof Hey Brad, who will be scoring Tomorrowland?. @m_giacchino, of course!. Brad Bird (@BradBirdA113) October 1, 2013 They.re not exactly Steven Spielberg and John Williams, but composer Michael Giacchino has a deep and lasting professional relationship with Brad Bird, so it.s very little surprise that he.ll be doing the music for the director.s next feature, Tomorrowland. As you can see, Bird confirmed the news on his own Twitter feed. .Of course!. he proclaimed. You see? It.s obvious to everyone. And it should be. They worked together on Bird.s Mission Impossible sequel, Ghost Protocol: On the Pixar animated smash Ratatouille: As well as The Incredibles. So yes, they clearly are very familiar with each other and their work habits. For Tomorrowland, Giacchino will have to score what exists as a mysterious project to us (at least). We know that Bird is working
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