Review: Online Gambling World Thriller 'Runner Runner' Starring Ben Affleck & Justin Timberlake

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While the conversation around the career rebound of Matthew McConaughey will continue this fall with "Dallas Buyers Club," many forget that it was 2011's "The Lincoln Lawyer" that gave the actor the first spring in his comeback step. On paper, it was a rather routine procedural, but it was elevated by director Brad Furman who shot it with some style and energy, and of course, McConaughey made his character leap off the page in the way few actors could. Which brings us to "Runner Runner," a movie that once again pairs Furman with a rather standard script, and though he does his best again to inject the proceedings with some spark and aided by a strong performance from a veteran actor, it doesn't quite graduate to the level of enjoyable pulp. Justin Timberlake leads the picture as the (ironically?) named Richie Furst, a less cocky version of his Sean Parker from "The Social Network.
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