Please Let This 'Mega Man' Board Game End Up Being A Thing

It's not enough that the creator of Mega Man is out there developing a new side-scroller homage to arguably the greatest of side-scrolling franchises out there, now we've got a board game to look forward to. A fully-licensed, competitive 2-5 player board game based on the "Mega Man" franchise is on the way from Jasco, offering yet one more celebration of the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary.

Speaking with Rockman Online, Jasco explained that in the game, each player takes on the role of Mega Man with the goal of defeating evil robot creator Dr. Wily. And that's going to involve a strategy familiar to anyone who's a fan of the long-running series:

In order to beat Wily you have to beat the Robot Masters, and to do that you have to get through the levels. To move through levels you face challenges, the more difficult a challenge the more movement you get from beating it.
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