Michael J. Fox Reveals He Medicated Parkinsons’ Disease With Alcohol

In a candid interview on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ Michael, 52, opened up about how he initially coped with his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis — and his only answer was alcohol.

In 1991, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and took a semi-hiatus from his acting career. In a new interview, the father of four reveals how he turned to drinking alcohol excessively when he first learned of his crippling illness.

Michael J. Fox Admits To Medicating Parkinson’s Disease With Alcohol

The Canadian actor has returned to television full-time with a fun new comedy, The Michael J. Fox Show, and spoke about it in an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Sept. 25. However, the interview took a sad turn when Howard Stern and Michael spoke about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, and how he initially coped.

“My first reaction to it was to start drinking heavily,” Michael revealed.
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