Alex Winter on Bill & Ted 3

News Simon Brew 26 Sep 2013 - 06:54

Bill & Ted 3 will happen, but there's no rush, says Alex Winter...

There's an interesting new interview with Alex Winter that's popped up over at Empire, where he talks about the Napster documentary that he's been working on. It's well wroth a read.

As the interview goes on, Winter is asked about the current state of Bill & Ted 3, and the signs - even though there's been no news for a while (outside of Keanu Reeves talking about dark forces stopping the film happening) - still look positive.

"We have a script and I believe we will get it made. But we're in that zone of putting it together, which maybe Dumb And Dumber To was in for a while", Winter said.

Revealing that they're waiting for screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon to find a gap in their schedule to get another draft penned, Winter
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