Breaking Bad 5.15 Review – Granite State

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After last week’s monster of an episode, Ozymandias, Granite State had a lot to live up to. A number of people called Ozymandias the best episode of television they’d ever seen. It will forever stand in its own class in terms of raw emotional impact, but Granite State meets and exceeds any expectations Ozymandias left. In terms of composition, mood, acting, storytelling, and characterization, Granite State doesn’t fall an inch from the enormously high precedent set by Ozymandias. It may even be better.

In a way, the episode serves as an interlude between the shattering of the Breaking Bad universe last week and the conclusion of the series next week. It sees most of the characters picking up whatever pieces they can and moving on in whatever way they can while slowly rehabilitating the utterly defeated Walter White’s resolve.

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