Kon-tiki Blu-ray Review

Although the 1950 documentary of Thor Heyerdahl's epic 4,300 mile Pacific journey was compelling enough to earn an Oscar win, this 2012 cinematic effort from directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg brings the story of Kon-Tiki to a whole new generation.  Less raw than the documentary, Kon-Tiki paints a portrait of Heyerdahl (Pål Sverre Hagen) as a stubborn and rebellious young man who defies authority in the quest for answers.  That being said, the highlight of Kon-Tiki remains the journey itself, although the colorful cast certainly makes the ride all the more enjoyable.  For those who who are interested in picking up the Blu-ray in the hopes of discovering more historical information, there's only a cursory look at the events of the real Kon-Tiki and the original documentary is, sadly, not included.  Hit the jump for my Blu-ray review. The Feature Written in part by Petter Skavlan after a number of drafts from previous screenwriters,
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