Saving the Best for the End of the Week: John Noble Joining Sleepy Hollow

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I don’t see how news gets much better than this. John Noble, who played the beloved Walter in Fringe, as well as countless excellent portrayals of a wide range of characters over the years, not the least of which was the mad Denethor in the Lord of the Rings films, has been cast in a recurring role in my favorite new series of the season, Roberto Orci‘s and Alex Kurtzman‘s Sleepy Hollow.

John Noble To Guest-star On Hit Fox Drama “Sleepy Hollow” All-New Episode Airs This Monday, September 23

Veteran actor John Noble, famous for his acclaimed tenure as eccentric scientist “Walter Bishop” on the Fox cult-classic “Fringe,” will appear in a recurring guest-starring role on the new hit drama Sleepy Hollow. Noble will appear later in the season as Henry Parrish, a kind and reclusive man who possesses supernatural powers that have the potential to help the series’ protagonist,
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