Archer – box set review

Archer, top secret agent of Isis (his mum's espionage outfit) is really turned on by his job in this filthy, funny animated adventure

There have been spy spoofs before but none as outrageous and violent as Archer. The Us show, a slick and stylish comedy animation that's as filthy as it is funny, really has no idea where to draw the line in terms of taste. Archer is the most dangerous spy in the world and he loves his job, perhaps too much. He's an agent for Isis, an espionage outfit run – preposterously – by his fearsome, domineering mother Malory (his father's identity is unknown to him). Archer has plenty of issues, not just to do with his mother, although she's the root of many of them. "The thought of me dead gives you an erection?" she says to him. "No, just half of one!" he replies. "The other half would have really missed you.
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