Comics: First Look At Justice League #23.3 : Dial E And Justice League Dark #23.2: Eclipso

You can’t stop dialing! In a special Villains Month coda to the fan-favorite Dial H series, a lost E-dial is discovered by four young criminals on the run in Littleville. But who is chasing them? And will they figure out how to control this nefarious dial before it’s too late? Hindsight is twenty-twenty when you’re sprinting through dark alleys! This issue features 20 new villains, 20 pages of creative insanity—and 20 top artists, each drawing a page of the action! Justice League: Dial E #23.3 Written by China Mieville Pencils by Various Cover by Brian Bolland The powerful Black Diamond has been seen causing trouble in different corners of The New 52. Now you will learn its secrets as it lands in the hands of the host it was always meant for...and the full power of Eclipso is unleashed! Justice League Dark: Eclipso #23.2 Written by Dan Didio Pencils by
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