The James Clayton Column: Anthony Mackie, hero of smaller parts

Feature James Clayton 30 Aug 2013 - 06:06

To coincide with the release of Pain & Gain, James salutes the work of actor Anthony Mackie, and explains why he deserves bigger roles...

In Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, Anthony Mackie plays a man named Adrian "Noel" Doorbal. That's a bit of a silly name, but it's not so bad considering that the film also features characters called Pastor Randy and Robin Peck.

Still, Mackie (or Doorbal) has reason to be aggrieved and feel like he's the guy getting the biggest bites of shame sandwich. Why? Because Adrian is defined by his nads and, unlike co-star Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, his nads are not something you'd want to defined by.

The character is compelled to go to a sexual health clinic and tearfully admit his secret shame. Viewers can't help but sympathise with the poor forlorn guy as he sits in front of
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