'Who's Smokin' The Reefer?'

'Who's Smokin' The Reefer?'
“You’ve got one minute, then I’m busy again.”

These are the words legendary filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich spoke to me as I stood on the set of his new movie, “Squirrels to the Nuts.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know I’d be talking to him at all at that moment. Was I supposed to get out my recorder, or was this just introductory chit chat? Regardless, I mumbled something about “The Sopranos” and sulked away.

And that would become my first experience on a movie set.

To Bogdanovich’s credit, he did respond to my “Sopranos” comment. In context, I mentioned that it had been so long since Bogdanovich’s last feature-length film -– 2001’s “The Cat’s Meow” -- that there's now an entire generation who know him only as Jennifer Melfi’s therapist. “As long as they know me,” he replied.

Let me back up a bit here.
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