Pretty Little Liars Review: Giddyup, Little Doggies!

  • TVfanatic
So, it looks like Pretty Little Liars is trying to give us some answers, but it still feels like this season is going nowhere. The drama needs to get along, little doggies.

Too bad (or good thing?) the season finale is next week.

"Bring Down the Hoe" tried to tease us with some helpful information, yet there doesn't seem to be much going on here. Despite the sense of menace in some scenes, I didn't feel any anxiousness for the liars or their well-being. It seems the hoe-down was meant for more relationship drama than A mysteries.

So much time was wasted on that pointless country-western dance that I got really frustrated with the lack of progress halfway through the episode. Did we really need a few minutes of watching Aria and Jake dancing?

What did we get this week? Well, someone has finally come forward to help Mrs. Marin,
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