WWE Raw Review: Is The New McMahon-Helmsley Era – Corporate Evolution Or Ruthless Regression?

There’s no doubt there was a lot of outrage on the internet following the conclusion of WWE SummerSlam. There were a lot of questions with Triple H, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan as Raw rolled into Anaheim. In the city of the Anaheim Angels, was there a devil on the shoulder of The Game? What’s next for John Cena and is Daniel Bryan’s big push over? About a month ago, I asked the question is Daniel Bryan the new Stone Cold Steve Austin? Judging from this weeks episode It definitely seems like that’s the case. While he may not swearing or lewd he seems to be set up to be the main protagonist against the new McMahon-Helmsley regime.

The show begins with John Cena who comes out and explains that he is just as disgusted by the actions of Triple H. Cena says that Bryan deserves to be champion.

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