Revisiting Farscape: Top 10 episodes

Top 10 Juliette Harrisson 15 Aug 2013 - 07:00

Juliette's final Revisiting Farscape piece selects the show's best 10 episodes. And that's your lot...

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been flying down Memory Wormhole, looking at all sorts of aspects of Farscape – the exotic aliens, the dramatic concluding mini-series, the madness, the leather. To conclude our look back at the show that enriched our vocabulary with such phrases as ‘what in the hezmana,’ here we celebrate the very best of Farscape’s 88 regular episodes, highlighting in particular those things Farscape does best – epic romance, awesome spectacle and sheer madness.

10. Liars, Guns and Money Parts I, II and III (Season Two)

Remind me what the frell is going on: D’Argo’s son is about to be sold into slavery, but it’s Ok – Stark knows a bank our heroes can rob to get the money to buy him (and 9,999 other slaves). Unfortunately,
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