Thn Talks ‘Evil Dead’ With Director Fede Alvarez

To celebrate the home entertainment release of Fede Alvarez Evil Dead, Thn were lucky enough to put some questions to the director of the controversial reboot of Sam Raimi’s notorious 1980 splatterfest. The film was a huge theatrical hit that was both genuinely refreshing, while paying homage to the beloved (and bloody) cult franchise. Having the original filmmaking team of Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell producing, we were sure we’d be well rewarded with another hit of horror and as such, Evil Dead was arguably one of, if not the best, genre effort of 2013.

How were you approached for the film and what was it that made accept the challenge?

It was basically through Sam himself. He saw a short or mine that I did back home in Uruguay in 2009 called Panic Attack and he loved it. He started talking about the short and that he wanted to do something with me.
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