Casting: Campbell, Ragsdale, Corddry, Gabel

Division 19

Neve Campbell, Clarke Peters and Jamie Draven all star in Suzie Halewood's dystopian thriller "Division 19" which began filming in Detroit this past week.

Set in 2039, online viewers determine the fates of members of the burgeoning prison population. Neve Campbell plays Nielsen, the woman who runs all the jails. [Source: Screen Daily]

Left Behind

William Ragsdale ("Fright Night," "Herman's Head") is set to star in Vic Armstrong's new adaptation of the "Left Behind" novels.

The story takes place after The Rapture which has removed people of the Christian faith from Earth. Ragsdale will play Chris Smith, the copilot of Nicolas Cage's Rayford Steele lead character. [Source: Facebook]

St. Vincent de Van Nuys

Nate Corddry ("The Heat," "Harry's Law") has joined the cast of the Bill Murray-led, Ted Melfi-directed comedy "St. Vincent de Van Nuys" at The Weinstein Company. Filming is currently underway.

The story follows a 12-year-old striking
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