Doctor Who: Why Paul Bettany should play The Doctor

The new Doctor will reportedly revealed on Sunday 4 August 2013, at 7pm; news which would send any right-minded person crazy with anticipation. (You'd probably have to be as crazy as John Simm's Master to *not* be excited about Doctor Who...)

There's been much speculation as to who the 12th Doctor could be, ranging from Rory Kinnear to Burn Gorman to Patterson Joseph (apparently the favourite to play the 11th Doctor before Matt Smith got the role). While many of these possibilities are intriguing, there's one name that hasn't been spoken of enough in connection of the role of The Doctor:

Paul Bettany.

And here's why he'd be perfect to play The Doctor, one of the best, most complex, and most entertaining roles of all time:

He's Geoffrey Chaucer.

Regardless of how well or otherwise the character may be as a representation of the historical writer, Chaucer is awesome as a character in A Knight's Tale.
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