Red 2 review

Review Duncan Bowles

A talented, eclectic cast can't make up for an uneven tone and derivative action, Duncan writes, in his review of Red 2...

In our house, we operate a 20 minute movie rule. This applies to anyone subjected to a film they haven’t seen before, and allows that person the chance to veto any movie that’s been picked for viewing within the first 20 minutes. Movies that have recently fallen victim to the rule have included such controversial decisions as A Dangerous Method (ruled out by my wife’s allergy to Kiera Knightley, exacerbated in Method by her gurning and ‘acting’ crazy) and Zero Dark Thirty (invoked by me in a tired and hung-over state, as I didn’t have a clue what anyone was talking about and didn’t want to spend my Sunday afternoon watching waterboarding).

Strangely enough, the Miley Cyrus Dtv opus So Undercover survived unscathed,
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