The Incredible Melting Man Trailer and Clips

With its Blu-ray release less than a week away, Scream Factory has released The Incredible Melting Man trailer and a number of clips. For any readers that may not be familiar with The Incredible Melting Man, the 1977 cult classic was directed and written by William Sachs, and stars Alex Rebar as an astronaut who returns from a mission to Saturn and begins to slowly melt away:

“He was once the hero… now he’s the hunted! Colonel Steve West has just returned from an incredible history-making flight to Saturn when he is hospitalized with an ailment that baffles the entire medical community. His flesh is melting and to stay alive he must consume human flesh and blood. The infected Colonel West escapes from the doctors’ supervision and hides in the surrounding community where he begins to hunt for human flesh. Who can stop the Incredible Melting Man?

Featuring “excellent makeup
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