BBC to celebrate film music in autumn season

Scores of films such as Chariots of Fire and King Kong will be examined in programmes on radio and BBC4

Film music – whether Max Steiner's groundbreaking score for King Kong in 1933 or Bernard Herrmann's brilliant four chords and five notes which went into the music for Citizen Kane – will be examined in a major BBC autumn season.

The broadcaster on Thursday announced details of programmes on BBC4 and its radio stations celebrating composers, songs and film scores that can sometimes be just as important as the images audiences are watching.

Helen Boaden, the BBC's director of radio, said there would be "an incredible breadth" of programming. "We want to give our audiences a deep understanding of what music does for film. How it works – which I think most will find fascinating – and the people involved in that relationship. And of course we want to give pleasurable programming, simple enjoyment.
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