Kickstart This: Indie Duo Andalusian Creating Surreal Stealth Game 'Tangiers'

by Joseph Leray

What do Salvador Dalí and "Thief: The Dark Project" have in common? For one, they're both name-dropped -- no, name-suplexed -- as inspirations for "Tangiers," an abstract, surrealist stealth game by neophyte indie designers Alex Harvey and Michael Wright.

Harvey and Wright's two-man team is officially known as "Andalusian." If you took freshman-year Film Studies 101 or just really love that one Pixies song, you might catch the reference to Un Chien Andalou, Dalí's nonsensical 1929 silent movie. The very first scene is a graphic depiction of a woman's eye being sliced open by a razor, which should clue you in on the territory Andalusian wants to cover in "Tangiers": dark, unnerving, fragmentary, and twisted.

"Tangiers" is an sandbox game about stealth and manipulation. You play as some lanky, scuttling, spider-humanoid tasked with locating, hunting, and eliminating five different people. The catch: it's not clear which five people are marked,
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