New Scandal Season 3 Premiere Date Finally Dished Out By ABC

New Scandal season 3 premiere date finally dished out by ABC. Hey "Scandal" fans. We can finally tell you guys when your favorite show will return to the airwaves with it's brand new season 3 as ABC finally dropped their new Fall 2013 TV show premiere date and schedule. It's a pretty big deal too as they were the very last of the major networks to do so. But anyways, with no further ado, Scandal season 3 will make its big debut on Thursday night, October 3rd in it's same 9pm central time slot right after Grey's Anatomy,so there will be no need to switch up your schedules. All you'll have to do, is just tune in at the same time you did last season to catch all the action. In related news, we might be seeing character ,David Rosen,try to abandon Olivia's team this season as he just doesn't feel comfortable
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