Disney reveals 'Tomorrowland' plot, casts Britt Robertson

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The plot of Disney's "Tomorrowland," originally named "1952" and starring George Clooney, has been kept under wraps ... until now. Along with the casting of Britt Robertson in a lead role, the studio has revealed a major plotline.

"In the film, a high school girl with an unconventional understanding of technology is launched on a journey to reclaim her future," reads a release from Walt Disney Studios.

Produced and written by Damon Lindelof ("Star Trek," "Prometheus") and Brad Bird ("The Incredibles," "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"), "Tomorrowland" has been long rumored to be a sci-fi film in the vein of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."  

Some reports claim a "found" synopsis indicate an elaborate plot which teams Clooney's character with remarkable young ladies to face an alternate reality -- Tomorrowland -- and save the earth. Whether the plot points are on target or not remains to be seen, but Disney's latest statement
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