Six Of The Best: The Directors – Brian De Palma

Yes, I know it is a scandal not to have included Scarface, which is of course a histrionic exercise in excess unmatched before or since. Say Hello To My Little Friend, Chainsaws in the Shower – it is all terribly iconic.

But there are better films in De Palma’s CV and something always gets left out when you make a shortlist. What is interesting in having put this list together is how varied De Palma’s output has been. Yes, there is a certain emphasis on crime as a genre (as well as Scarface, The Black Dahlia, Wise Guys and Snake Eyes all miss out) but there are horror classics, action films, psychological thrillers as well as war and gangster efforts on display too – more eclectic than we might have been inclined to think.

Although De Palma’s CV may not be solid gold all the way through, it is
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