Talia Joy Castellano: You Inspired Millions In Your Short Life

Talia, you were beautiful on the inside and outside, and you gave a full lifetime of inspiration to so many others in your own life, which was cut short by cancer at 13.

Talia Joy Castellano, you may have passed away from cancer on July 16 at a very young age , but you became a role model who will continue to give hope and strength to people young and old for years — even decades — to come.

Talia Joy Castellano, You Touched So Many Lives

Talia, you bravely fought the deadly childhood cancer neuroblastoma for seven years, as well as a second cancer, leukemia, but you never stopped smiling and living your life fully, despite your deadly diagnosis.

You didn’t feel sorry for yourself or spend any time moping about your fate. Instead you took joy (you were aptly named with the middle name, Joy) in doing the things you loved to do.
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