Must-Watch Music Videos: Har Mar Superstar Channels Motown To Perfection

“Lady, You Shot Me,” are the ubiquitous final words uttered by the great Sam Cooke as he fell down, murdered by the manager of the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles in 1964. They're powerful and striking as far as last words go, and they're now re-appropriated by the only music “revivalist” worth a damn, Har Mar Superstar (or, as his friends call him, Sean Tillman.) The single pays homage to the greats that created the music Har Mar Superstar now re-creates with precision and style. It's also the first single and video from his new record Bye Bye 17 out on Cult Records (the label started by Strokes front man Julian Casablancas). Channeling the charisma and stage presence of the great James Brown and the pleading earnestness of Cooke, Tillman struts around the stage belting and wailing to precise effect. Washed in red light with sexy, Motown-esque girl band backup singers, the
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