I’m So Excited Review

Since 1999, director Pedro Almodovar has had a fabulous run of outstanding films. From All About My Mother through to 2011′s beguiling and brilliant The Skin I Live In, Almodovar has been at the very top of his game, producing work of such consistent high quality that he has become one of the foremost filmmakers on the world stage. It is a shame then that in 2013, after hitting 6 simultaneous home runs, that I’m So Excited sees the director losing his footing and producing his first disappointing work in nearly 15 years.

I’m So Excited is set aboard a flight where a technical failure threatens the lives of passengers and the crew. While the pilots and those on the ground are trying to find a solution, the cabin crew turn their eyes to drugs to not only calm themselves down but to also face the “savage” passengers and keep them at
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