Nicolas Cage Joins Terry Zwigoff’s Lost Melody

You hear a lot about Nicolas Cage these days, and most of the time it is not flattering. Mr. Cage has gone downhill so rapidly that we sometimes forget that he’s actually an Oscar winner and was once, long ago, a very good actor.

Today, Cage has signed on to play the lead in Lost Melody, a love story about a man and a prostitute.

Lost Melody is being directed by Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa) and produced by Edward R. Pressman (American Psycho, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans). The story, such as it is right now, concerns a man trapped in a bad marriage who falls for a prostitute. We assume that Nicolas Cage plays the man and not the prostitute. Although, that could be really interesting.

Pressman has described Lost Melody as a ‘darkly-funny drama in the tradition of such classics as The Blue Angel and Sunset Boulevard.
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