Letters To Jackie | AFI Docs 2013 Review

Couturié Rallies Stars & Stripes In Kennedy’s Name

Few former presidents remain as beloved in the eye of the world as the late John F. Kennedy. His dapper, youthful presence in the midst of the rapid social change of the 60s was a breath of fresh air and a hopeful promise for Americans young and old. But unlike his political peers, J.F.K.’s image has benefited from the idyllic stature of talent taken too soon. Like Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain, he was a presidential rock star whose early death shocked the world into permanent remembrance of every speech and every appearance. A half century later, we as a nation continue to mourn his murder by celebrating him and his glamorous, All-American family, this time taking form in the hundreds of thousands of letters sent to his wife, Jacqueline, in the wake of his passing. Using the same
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