Oscars 2014: Predicting 10 Best Original Screenplay Nominees

The typical take on Best Original Screenplay is that it is the weaker of the two writing categories. Particularly before any precursor awards are handed out, pundits usually struggle to scrounge up a roster of even thirty viable candidates for the category. I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise given originality’s placement on the endangered species list in Hollywood these days, but it’s a shame, because the category has often served as an outlet for the Academy to recognize innovative and daring films that would not be able to call themselves “Oscar nominees” otherwise.

Someone with as a distinct artistic voice as Terry Gilliam, for example, would not be able to declare himself an Oscar nominee had his masterpiece, Brazil, not been nominated for Best Original Screenplay back in 1985. That same year, in the exact same category, another 80′s Sci-Fi classic, Back to the Future, got

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