Development, no guarantee for success

Filmmaker/journalist James Ricketson finally got the answers he was looking for. In this guest post, he discusses the Aurora development program with Screen Nsw.

It all began with a simple interview request: ‘Would love to talk with you or whoever the relevant person is at Screen Nsw about the Aurora initiative.’ I had in mind an article about the Australian film industry. It would take nine months and dozens of emails and letters… but perhaps the following questions and answers will generate some dialogue, debate, amongst filmmakers about a topic relevant to all of us: How do we develop first class screenplays that can be produced to make films that Australian audiences want to see?

James Ricketson: Up until about 20 years ago screenwriters worldwide, did not feel the need to appeal to experts, script gurus, engage in workshops, to teach them how to write or improve on their screenplays.
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