Chicks of the Assimilated Animus

Jung talks of the anima and animus as the unconscious's ego--a dark figure of our dreams--for men it's an elusive princess, devouring witch, beautiful maiden asleep in a block of ice; for women a werewolf lover, a dark demon wolf with big eyes all the better to drink your essence with, like Twilight. The animus is best exemplified in the Beauty and the Beast myth. The unassimilated animus is a wild beast, untamed and surly. The assimilated is tamed and 'absorbed' into the female consciousness, i.e. once the animus becomes a prince and not a beast, the woman starts to get bossy and surly herself!

Don't we see this all the time in marriages? Before the marriage the man is in charge, tall and dominating... sometime after the wedding the alchemical change occurs and the woman starts bossing him around, making important decisions. In my essay on the Twilight mythos,
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