DVD, VOD Release: Beauty and The Least

Blu-ray, VOD Release Date: June 25, 2013

Price: DVD $24.98

Studio: Green Apple

Mischa Barton brightens up Beauty and The Least.

Mischa Barton (You and I) continues her seeming slide into oblivion—or, at least, into semi-obscurity—as the star of the little-known 2012 independent comedy-drama Beauty and the Least. Not that we’re slamming a movie we haven’t seen, but we’re not at all familiar with this one…

Likeable looser Ben Banks is a serial underachiever and stoner in his 12the year of community college. But when he musters up the courage to ask out Amy (Barton), a beautiful barista at the local java shop, she surprisingly accepts. As Ben’s feelings for Amy grow deeper, he stumbles across a shocking secret about her past. Now, he must embark on a mission to reclaim her dignity, prove his love and become an adult.

Originally entitled Ben Banks and written and directed by Bryce Clark,
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