Courtney Love: Frances Bean Had ‘Twilight’ Role Before Kristen Stewart

Really? Frances Bean as Bella? Courtney claims that her daughter was offered the coveted lead role in ‘Twilight,’ but she turned it down! Watch her interview here.

Courtney Love says a lot of crazy things, but this has got to be the craziest! In a brand new interview with Howard Stern, Courtney claims that her daughter Frances Bean Cobain was offered the part that eventually went to Kristen Stewart, but she turned it down for a very funny reason! Could you imagine Frances Bean playing Bella Swan in Twilight?

Frances Bean Cobain ‘Twilight’ Role?

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Kristen playing Bella, especially not Frances, but apparently it could have happened!

Courtney claims that Frances, now 20, was offered it first:

“When she was 13 she was offered Twilight, she was offered (the part of) Bella in Twilight. Someone just saw a picture of her in a magazine and
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