Grumpy Cat going from the internet to the big screen

  • TheMovieBit
Considering the popularity of internet memes, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood would attempt to make a movie out of one of them. The meme in question is Grumpy Cat, a house cat with a naturally angry face who has taken the internet by storm for the last eight months, and appprently holds a lot of comedy potential, according to producer Todd Garner (Jack and Jill, The Zookeeper, and Here Comes The Boom). Graner, along with production company Broken Road, are spearheading a Garfield-like family comedy cenetering around the perpertually grumpy feline and his preceived hatred of everything. Who knows, if this proves to be any kind of success, this could lead to a torrent of meme based movies. I really hope not, but part of me does want to see Leonardo DiCaprio roped into a big budget movie based on his Happy DiCaprio walk. via Deadline
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