The Cannes Diary: May 23

Note: Film critic Tim Grierson is attending the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. For Backstage, he’ll be filing occasional diary entries about his thoughts and impressions of the granddaddy of all film festivals. Wednesday, May 22, 11:16pm For too long, Robert Redford has been around but not really present. Overseeing the Sundance Film Festival and popping up to introduce movies on the Sundance Channel, he’s still in the public eye, but for too long he’s seemingly been happy enjoying his emeritus status in the film industry. It’s not like he’s stopped making movies, but unfortunately in the last several years, those movies—“Lions for Lambs,” “The Conspirator,” “The Company You Keep”—have failed to wow critics or do much box office. Everybody regards him as an institution, but it’s hard to say that many people think of him as all that relevant anymore.
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