WWE: 3 Awesome Ways To End Rey Mysterio’s Career

Rey Mysterio has had an amazing career, but a string of health problems from his high flying style combined with his age have made us all come to terms with the fact that the masked luchador will probably be wrapping up his career soon. So how should Mysterio ride off into the sunset(flip)? What fitting way can you say goodbye to a sure-fire hall of famer, who has had amazing matches with people of all styles, shapes, and sizes over the last couple of decades?

Well, that’s why I’m here to present 3 ways to say goodbye to Mysterio. Let me preface by saying, since this is my post, that these will be 3 awesome ideas which I think are awesome, and in no way are meant to be realistic ideas the WWE will choose. These are more pipe dreams than anything, and I am ok with that. Without further adieu,
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