Had enough of The Great Gatsby already? Try these books instead

An attempt to ease the pain of those who feel Baz Luhrmann has not made a film of 'the Great American novel'

Baz Luhrmann's critically panned adaption of The Great Gatsby has generated renewed interest in F Scott Fitzgerald's famed novel, ahead of the film's premiere on Friday.

At the peak of Gatsby fever, though, the inevitable backlash has hit. Impassioned spiels from those who insist that this "Great American Novel" isn't all that great are being raised across the internet – most notably, New York magazine's Kathryn Schulz has written 2,000-word explanation of why she "despises" Fitzgerald's novel.

It is an impressive accomplishment. And yet, apart from the restrained, intelligent, beautifully constructed opening pages and a few stray passages thereafter – a melancholy twilight walk in Manhattan; some billowing curtains settling into place at the closing of a drawing-room door – Gatsby as a literary creation leaves me cold. Like
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